Reno Paintless Dent Repair

When it comes to dings and dents on your car, the best option you have is getting a Reno paintless dent repair (PDR). A lot of car owners might not be aware of this, but you don’t need to spend so much on minor external damages to your vehicle. Granted, there might be some conditions when a small car issue would require a complicated solution, but dents on the surface of your car can easily be handled by just a basic Reno paintless dent repair.

The keyword to remember is paintless. Reno paintless dent repair is effective in getting rid of the dents and dings on your car without having to add a material or taking away one, including paint. The PDR specialist with Dent Doctor of Nevada will examine the issue and will get the dent removed by applying pressure on the opposite side of the dent pushing it out, which results in smooth and seemingly undisturbed surface. What usually happens in a typical removal is that our PDR technician will feel out the dent and determine exactly where it ends. Once that’s done, they will start applying pressure from the outside, slowly kneading the metal back into shape until the area blends with the rest of the surface. With how easy it sounds, it’s no wonder the demand for Reno paintless dent repair is increasing.

While there are no hard conditions when one wants to take advantage of Reno paintless dent repair, there are still some situations that make the method more effective. In case of PDR, the size is not a huge issue but the location is. It is more effective for the technician to remove a dent when it is not too near the edge of a panel or the panel has not had some repairs done on it. And since PDR is a pretty new method of body repair, it is proven more effective with newer models of cars. The condition of the paint is also important since you want it undamaged for the Reno paintless dent repair to be most effective.

Besides the fact that Reno paintless dent repair basically gets the job done, it also brings with it additional advantages. One of the biggest advantages is the cost. With us at Dent Doctor of Nevada, PDR for small dents costs as much as 30 percent cheaper than traditional auto body repair. This can be attributed to the fact that no bondo or paint is used; just good old expertise and specialized tools. Another advantage is that, since the whole process requires no use of paint whatsoever, there’s no risk of overspray on other parts of your vehicle or incorrect color matching.  You also get to keep the original paint of your car, which usually means a higher resale value – should you decide to part with your car in the near future. And another huge advantage of Reno paintless dent repair, which you can avail at Dent Doctor, is that the process usually takes only about an hour.

With how easy and convenient the method sounds, you might think that any auto body shop in Nevada can take care of your Reno paintless dent repair need. You have to be smart, however, and make sure the technician you choose knows exactly what he’s doing. PDR might not rely on paint, but there are still tools involved. With Dent Doctor, we have technicians professionally trained in getting the job done and getting it right the first time. Not only that, we also have mobile PDR service for Reno, Carson City, and Sparks. You won’t need to drive your vehicle to us to take advantage of our Reno paintless dent repair; you can wait for us to drive to you!

If you’re wondering whether to make use of our mobile service or drive your car over to our shop for your Reno paintless dent repair needs, one thing to consider is the cost. Mobile services have a minimum charge of $85 while small dents repaired at our shop will cost you $10 dollars less. And while our mobile service technicians are trained and competent in their field, they only carry with them 30 PDR tools as opposed to the 70 available to our technicians when the repairs are done in the shop. So if you think your PDR need is a bit more complicated than a small dent, bringing your vehicle over to our shop is your best choice. If the dent is small and there are no additional issues, though, you can vote for the convenience of waiting for our Reno paintless dent repair mobile techs to get your vehicle taken care of.