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Plastic Bumper Repair
The thing about damaged plastic bumpers is that almost every car owner has had one. This is why one of the most in demand auto body requirements out there today is Reno plastic bumper repair. Whether it's through your careless parking or someone else's negligent driving, the chances of you getting scrapes, punctures, or rips in your bumper is pretty good. It is just logical, therefore, that you should be on the lookout for a good auto body shop that offers competent Reno plastic bumper repair.

This is where Dent Doctor of Nevada comes in. We offer the industry's best when it comes to your Reno plastic bumper repair needs. In most cases, the level of competency and the tools used in the shop guarantee up to 90% improvement to the look of your plastic bumper. We can get it repaired and painted in such as way that you won't even know you needed Reno plastic bumper repair in the first place.

To better understand the results, you need to have an idea on how a Reno plastic bumper repair works. The typical process always starts with clean up. Our experienced technicians will need to get the area cleaned since adhesive won't work effectively on a dirty surface. If there are structural issues with the problem area, it would then be sanded down to as close to its contour as possible. Fillers will then need to be applied to the surface, after which the area will be sanded down again until the original shape of the bumper is achieved. When this is done, the final touch of a Reno plastic bumper repair is the application of paint, after which the bumper should look as good as new.

If you've been doing your research about Reno plastic bumper repair, you know that there is a slew of articles and web pages all promoting DIY for this specific auto body need. While this is commendable and should save you some money in repairs, it is important you remember that auto body work is complex. Complications can happen and auto body shops prevent most of these snags by having trained professionals around and up to date tools readily available. If you have had no training in auto body repair, it is more practical that you leave things like Reno plastic bumper repair needs in the hands of experts.

Equally important to sending your Reno plastic bumper repair job to an expert is finding the best. While the options ' especially in a city as big as Reno ' are numerous, it is no excuse to just pick one that has the biggest ad. Knowledge, skills, and customer service history are just three things you need to take note of. With 14 years of auto body experience under our belt, Dent Doctor of Nevada is one auto body shop you want on your short list of options. We give honest estimates and we guarantee the work we do. You can rest easy knowing that every step of your bumper repair need is taken care of ' from the fillers used for the contour to the exact match of your paint; our trained technicians have all the resources they need to provide you with the best Reno plastic bumper repair service.

And if you'd rather choose replacement over having Reno plastic bumper repair done, Dent Doctor also has you covered. We have both OEM and Aftermarket products needed to get that bumper looking new again. If you're not sure whether replacement or repair is the better choice for your bumper issue, our technicians and customer service professionals are more than happy to give you their expert assessment on both your problem and the best option. It usually depends on the amount of damage done to the bumper and how you feel about the choices. Unless the damage is severe, our technicians are more inclined to recondition your plastic bumper since it won't cost you as much and there's no unnecessary waste. The replacement is usually only suggested when the bumper damage is so severe that attempts of repairing it will cost more time and money than a simple replacement. Whether you go for replacement or Reno plastic bumper repair, our technicians will be on hand to get the work done well and done right the first time.

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I just had work done on my cars fender and a power window that was fouled up. the work one on my fender was excellent and the window now works properly.Mike is a up font honest man who tells what he can do and what he may not be able to do. i had been to a couple of other shops in Reno and i call them Bandits as their estimates were high as heck. Mike came in with a good price for the work.

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